Ever notice how a baseball pitcher always warms up before he takes the mound? How about a quarterback, notice how they warm up their arm before they start the first quarter? Think about other sports, basketball, hockey, tennis and soccer these players all warm up too.

As a golfer, do you warm up? Hope so. You see golf is a sport similar to the others we mentioned. The reason they warm up is the same reason a golfer needs to warm up. You do warm up, don’t you? I’ve seen some head right to the first tee from the parking lot. That can’t be good.

Unless you are willing to risk injury and poor performance you need to warm up with a few golf stretches. This will help you get ready for that first tee shot and every shot thereafter.

I played with this guy who struggled with his swing hitting it all over the place. This continued until about the sixth hole where he began to play much better. He did have game after all.

As we made the turn he was coming off three straight pars. I asked him what changed to which he replied,”It usually takes me five or six holes to get warmed up.” Imagine how well he may have scored on his front nine if he had bothered to warm up prior to the round.

It’s kind of like the old Fram oil filter commercial tag line, “You can pay me now or pay me later.” So you can either warm up before the round or you can warm up during your round. The difference could be ten strokes. The choice is yours.

There are several golf stretching programs available on the internet, video, books and ebooks. Find the right one for you and get started.

Golf is a great way to help you to stay fit. However, it is no fun if you get injured in the process. Spend a little time, like the other athletes, before each round to warm up for better health and better scores.

Begin your golf oriented stretching program here: Golf Fitness Workouts